Afghan Wedding

Afghan tradition

An Afghan wedding is interesting and unique. During the big day guests will dance the whole night. A traditional Afghan wedding starts at 18:00 and ends approximately at 02:00. Guests at will be wearing very expensive clothes and fine jewelry.

Afghan wedding

Halfway through the wedding is a special song sung called ‘Ahesta Boro’ which means walking slowly. While the song is sung, the guests stand while the bride and groom slowly walk to their place.  A tradition after the song is ‘Mirror and Koran’. The couple gets a veil over their head. The groom looks through the mirror at his bride and reads from the Koran.

 Afghan cuisine

The bride and groom eat first at their wedding. All guests will stand in line for a beautifully decorated buffet, where guests can choose from traditional Afghan dishes such as: Qabili Palaw, Kabob, Mantu, Ashak Ferni and dessert. After desert the newlyweds cut the wedding cake. After the couple had a taste of the cake, a relative will cut the cake in small pieces and hands it out to the guests. At the end of a wedding party, a conventional dance is performed. When the dance is over is the couple will stand at the door to show their respect and gratitude towards the guests who attended the wedding.

 danceAfghan clothing

During the wedding an Afghan bride wears a brightly colored veil with decorative details. The groom wears a long suit. The guests often put expensive clothes on, accessorized with nice jewelry.

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