Afghan Wedding Party

Afghans have many beautiful wedding rituals. The rituals will need to bring happiness to their marriage. A few of these wedding rituals are: Ahesta Boro, Mirror and Koran, Henna and Attan.

Ahesta Boro

Halfway through the wedding they will play the song ‘Ahesta Boro’. The number means walk slowly in English. During the song the bride and groom walk slowly along the guests towards their place.

Mirror and Koran

After the song Ahesta Boro, they will perform the wedding ritual ‘Mirror and Koran’. The bride and groom will receive a decorative scarf over their heads. The groom looks through the mirror at his bride and reads f
rom the Koran.


wewddingIn former times they used to make an incisions in the palm of the bride an groom, to mix their blood together. Nowadays it is replaced with henna. The mother of the groom puts a teaspoon full of henna on the palm of the bride and covers it with a triangular cloth made of a thin and shiny fabric. The mother of the bride puts henna on the little finger of the groom and covers it with a cloth as well.


Attan is a traditional Afghan dance performed at the end of a wedding. When the dance is over is the couple will stand at the door to show their respect and gratitude towards the guests who attended the wedding.

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